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Touch for Health is a holistic system of health care available to people with no medical knowledge. Its intention is to provide a better understanding of the factors that create stress, tension and pain in our bodies. Founded in 1973 by the American Dr John Thie, it combines occidental chiropractic techniques and traditional Chinese acupuncture to maintain postural and energetic equilibrium. Easy to learn and to use, it teaches simple, safe and effective methods that enhance the body’s vitality and recuperative powers.

Its core teaching is based on the premise that the chemical, structural and emotional aspects of a person are not three separate entities and that any imbalance within this triangle will have an impact on a person’s muscle tone. Muscles reveal the interaction between the body and the mind. They exteriorize what happens inside us for all to see. They provide a biofeedback about a person’s emotional, postural or nutritional imbalances. That’s why 14-42 muscle tests are at the centre of the Touch for Health method.

Workshop participants will learn to communicate with the body through muscles and discover how to mobilize blocked energy through a variety of techniques, including acupressure on meridian points, movement, neurolymphatic massage points for pain relief and emotional stress release. These techniques will allow you to assist others to understand and take responsibility for their health and well-being.

I developed a simple program of assessing and balancing posture and subtle energies through dialogue, muscle testing and touch reflexes that can be used without any previous training. I wanted to help people to help themselves and to be more aware of their bodies and their miraculous natural capacity to regenerate, adapt and create new experiences and joy.’ Dr John Thie, founder of Touch for Health

Classes and sessions in Touch for Health do not diagnose, prescribe or treat in any way any named disease. They are not meant to be substitutes for individualized medical evaluations, advice or recommended treatments from a qualified, licensed health professional.

Touch for Health® I

Time: 15 hours/2 days

Cost: 155 €

Touch for Health® is a proven, easily learned system of muscle testing and energy balancing incorporating principles of Chinese medicine, massage, and energy work. Participants receive training in accurate muscle testing as a biofeedback technique and learn to test and balance 14 pairs of major postural muscles that correlate with the 14 major Chinese meridians. Simple, effective techniques such as massage points, holding points, meridian massage and muscle massage can then be applied to reduce or eliminate pain, effectively release emotional stress, show immediately which foods improve a person’s well-being, accelerate recovery from illness and injury, and balance the body’s energies thus improving health and vitality. The workshop includes course manual and certificate.

Touch for Health® II

Prerequisites: Touch for Health 1

Time: 15 hours/2 days

Cost: 155 €

Participants will learn principles of Chinese acupuncture. They will discover how to locate alarm points to identify over energy, using the meridian wheel and Law of Five Elements theory to find the one point to correct under and over energies. Also Golgi tendon and spindle cell correction procedures, cerebrospinal technique, identification of biocidic foods, emotional stress release for future events, acupressure holding points, meridian massage to eliminate pain, and 14 additional muscle tests. Prerequisites: Touch for Health®

Touch for Health® III

Prerequisites: Touch for Health 1 & 2

Time: 15 hours/2 days

Cost: 155 €

Reactive muscles, circuit retaining mode, five element colour balance, Five Element balancing with goal and emotion, pulses, pain tapping for chronic pain, past balancing for trauma, facilitation and inhibition, sedation techniques, gait testing, balancing using food as correction, and 14 additional muscle tests.

Touch for Health® IV

Prerequisites: Touch for Health 1, 2 & 3

Time: 15 hours/2 days

Cost: 155€

Five Element emotions, Five Element sound balance, acupressure holding point theory, luo points, time of day balance, Tibetan figure eight energy, neurolymphatic release, postural stress release, postural analysis, 42 muscles head to toe standing tests, 42 muscles head to toe prone and supine, review of TFH I-III.

Touch for Health® and Metaphors

Prerequisites: Touch for Health 1 - 4

Time: 15 hours/2 days

Cost: 155 €

This recently developed course presents symbolic questions relating to organ functions, muscles, meridians and the Chinese 5 elements. Using the metaphors helps us to verbalize and think about the many possible aspects of our goals and related imbalances and can give us invaluable moments of insight. They offer a rich resource for exploring the meaning of our experiences, feelings, difficulties and goals, thereby making a balance more meaningful, profound and effective.

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