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Non-Invasive Anti-Aging Cures




The Starvac Technology uses 100% natural creams in combination with computerized massage heads that penetrate superficial and deeper fat layers and reeducate the metabolic processes without damaging the skin.

Its numerous benefits are:

  • Visible facial rejuvenation & body contouring effects
  • Collagen regeneration & fiber restructuration
  • Visible reduction of cellulite, stretch marks & scars
  • Non-invasive & not painful
  • Fat and wrinkles are eliminated through a natural process
  • No scars or long-term marking of the skin
  • Fast, visible and long-lasting results


Price for 1 session: 70€  


For best results, a cure of 6 or 12 sessions is recommended


Price for an anti-cellulite cure of 6 sessions: 225€  (1 session is free)

Price for an anti-cellulite cure of 12 sessions: 450€ (2 sessions are free)

Price for an anti-age cure of 6 sessions: 300€  (1 session is free)

Price for an anti-age cure of 12 sessions: 600€  (2 sessions are free)

Detox Cures

Detox your Body & Treat your Senses

with an Arabian Beauty Ritual



Your body is cleansed from head to toe in a detoxifying infrared sauna before Oriental Black Soap and an exfoliating Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub are applied, exuding the scent of honey, jasmine, orange, avocado, fig or rose. Rich in minerals, it helps purify your skin while leaving an extraordinarily smooth and silky finish. Finally drift away with a hot oil body massage to leave you feeling renewed from top to bottom.


Discover also our Wellness Packages for 2 (Sauna + Jacuzzi + Massage)

2. At the beginning of autumn and spring, check out your toxin levels in your body with an iridological health analysis and eliminate them with a manual lymphatic drainage. Price: 60€

  • Manual lymphatic drainage of the entire body (2h), except for the face: 130€
  • Manual lymphatic drainage of the legs (1h): 65€
  • Manual lymphatic drainage of the face (50 min): 55€


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