Brain Gym - Movement is the door to learning

Neuroscience tells us that physical activities stimulate brain function. 

All learning involves movement and Brain Gym develops the brain’s neural pathways the way nature does – through movement. It provides a menu of 26 enjoyable and easy-to-do physical activities that enhance the ability to process information and to respond to the world around us in an appropriate and effective way. 

The movements have been inspired by many disciplines (such as dance, yoga, occupational therapy and developmental ophtamology) and are designed to re-educate the brain and the body to work more efficiently together. Brain Gym consists of cross-lateral, balance-requiring movements that mechanically activate both cerebral hemispheres via the motor and sensory cortexes, stimulate the vestibular (balance) system for equilibrium, and decrease the fight-or-flight mechanism triggered by stress. In this balanced state, it is much easier for us to think, understand, and come up with new ideas and solutions. 

The beauty of Brain Gym is that it can be done easily anywhere without much space in a playful way and yet boost brain activity and creative potential. It unleashes our thinking intelligence through coordinated movements and thereby helps us to go from stress and overwhelm to better writing, reading, concentration, memory, comprehension and fulfilling relationships. 

‘I want to promote the idea that learning doesn’t have to be difficult and that learning through movement can bring health, intelligence and the fulfilment we dream of for ourselves and our children.’ Dr Paul Dennison, founder of the Brain Gym method 

Brain Gym 1 

Experience for yourself how Brain Gym can change the way we move, learn, think and act, communicate, organise and comprehend. Some of the key skills to develop literacy include visual tracking and perception, auditory processing, fine motor pen skills, co-ordination of mental and physical processes and a positive mental attitude. All of these and more are addressed in this dynamic, playful course. Brain Gym 1 has been taught to people of all ability levels over the world and covers the basic activities and procedures. You will learn 26 movements that can help you to access your whole brain function and draw out hidden potential in a surprisingly easy way. 

Prerequisites: None
Time: 15 hours/2 days
Cost: 155 €

Brain Gym 2 

Concrete three-dimensional experiences are important to a person’s sensory development and learning skills. We all need the ability to function within three dimensions of movement: side-to-side to access the brain, our analytical intelligence or Laterality Dimension, top-to-bottom to access the heart, our emotional intelligence or Centering Dimension, and back-to-front to access our attentional intelligence and our ability to accomplish goals, our Focus Dimension. This course will show you how effective Brain Gym balances can be in releasing communication, organisation and comprehension blockages. 

Prerequisites: Brain Gym 1
Time: 15 hours/2 days
Cost: 155 €

Brain Gym 3 - Optimal Brain Organisation & Dynamic Movements 

Optimal Brain Organisation Everyone has two brain hemispheres: one that leads and another one that follows. This dominance pattern determines a person’s individual learning style. In this course you will discover your preferred eye, ear, hand, leg and brain hemisphere and see how your individual dominance profile affects the way you learn and process information. You will discover what happens when dominant eye, ear, hand and leg and are not on the same side of the body and find out how Brain Gym can make the two hemispheres work together to optimise learning. 

Prerequisites: Brain Gym 1&2
Time: 15 hours/2 days
Cost: 155 €

Dynamic Movements 

In this course you will learn how to use Brain Gym to enhance movement, dance and athletic performance. You will explore your three spatial dimensions and integrate visual, auditory, and kinesthetic input accompanied by music to improve dynamic visual acuity, hand-eye coordination, visual reaction time and tracking skills. You will learn to use 80 new movements in addition to the 26 Brain Gym activities already known and explore them in a playful way. Open to coaches, athletes, physical therapists, trainers, occupational therapists, teachers, parents and students. 

Prerequisites: Brain Gym 1&2
Time: 15 hours/2 days
Cost: 155 €




  • Noemie V.
    2017-07-19 11:59:45
    Soins très variés. Merci à vous!
  • Mette M.
    2017-07-19 11:59:25
    Très bon spécialiste! Merci pour les soins.
  • Anonymous
    2016-07-11 10:23:09
    Super !

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