Anti-aging treatments


A new anti-aging concept with medical oxygen and hyaluronic acid to dramatically reverse premature ageing while increasing firmness and elasticity.

Oxyderme® is an innovative, non-invasive anti-aging treatment. It repairs and rejuvenates the skin by diffusing medical oxygen under hyperbaric pressure and a lotion based on hyaluronic acid and vitamins. This treatment naturally maintains the production of collagen and elastin which gives convincing results from the 1st treatment on with regards to:

  • fine lines and wrinkles
  • the neckline
  • sagging skin
  • dark circles and bags under the eyes
  • irregular complexion
  • pigmentation
  • aging stains (on hands or face)
  • acne, rosacea
  • scars and stretchmarks

Delicately released under hyperbaric pressure, medical oxygen cleanses and repairs the epidermis and dermis. Combined with a lotion based on hyaluronic acid and vitamins, the oxygen deeply penetrates the skin and diffuses the compounds of the lotion in a natural way. This moisturizes and regenerates the skin and makes the skin looks plumper.

Price list :

  • 40 € for a refreshing boost to your complexion (20 minutes)
  • 60 € for a regenerating facial treatment (40 minutes)
  • 90 € for an anti-aging facial treatment (60 minutes) 



With age, our skin gets dryer, thinner and more wrinkled. Furthermore, throughout the day, it is targetted by external aggressors (pollution, smoking, sun etc.) affecting the proper functioning of our cells. The Starvac protocols act against these processes. They stimulate collagen production, thereby tightening and lifting your skin.

Like a workout in a gym, Starvac technology kickstarts our metabolism through cellular stretching. Soft mechanical actions perform a membrane stretch without creating lesions which will allow the cells to regenerate their activities. Functions such as blood and lymph circulation, collagen production, elimination of metabolic waste and cellular nutrition are boosted and improved. The effects are felt and seen very quickly.

 Starvac proposes the following made-to-measure protocols :

ApplicationPhysiological EffectsAesthetic EffectsPrice
Anti-aging TreatmentReorganisation of tissue fibers
Stimulation of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid
Improved oxygen supply and intracellular nutrition
Elimination of impurities
Circles and bags around the eyes diminish
Wrinkles and fine lines become smoother
The complexion becomes more radiant
A better and softer skin quality
Stretchmarks Treatment30€
Bust Treatment30€
Post-acne/Scar TreatmentScar tissue becomes smoother60€

For an optimal result we recommend cures of 6 or 12 sessions at regular intervals.

The price for  6 anti-aging treatments is 300€ (one session is offered)

The price for 12 anti-aging treatments is 600€ (two sessions are offered)


Our professional and attentive staff is happy to give you more information about this treatment and can be contacted by phone or online.

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