Cures: Detox, Anti-aging, Slimming

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Detox Cures



Detox your Body & Treat your Senses

with an Arabian Beauty Ritual



Your body is cleansed from head to toe in a detoxifying infrared sauna before Oriental Black Soap and an exfoliating Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub are applied, exuding the scent of honey, jasmine, orange, avocado, fig or rose. Rich in minerals, it helps purify your skin while leaving an extraordinarily smooth and silky finish. Finally drift away with a hot oil body massage to leave you feeling renewed from top to bottom.



Special Autumn Offer for Sauna + Body Wrap + Massage: -40%, i.e. 70€ instead of 120€ for 1 person or 110€ instead of 190€ for 2 (90 min). This offer is valid until 31 December 2014.



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2. At the beginning of autumn and spring, check out your toxin levels in your body with an iridological health analysis and eliminate them with a manual lymphatic drainage. Price: 60€


3. Manual lymphatic drainage of the entire body (2h), except for the face: 80€


4. Manual lymphatic drainage of the legs (1h): 60€







5. Manual lymphatic drainage of the face (50 min): 55




Now at Body Mind Wellness
The Tri-Polar Radio Frequency Facelift
A Breakthrough in Non-Invasive Anti-Aging Technologies



Tri-Polar radio frequency treatments deliver immediate visible facial and body contouring effects from the first treatment and long lasting aesthetic results without surgery or downtime.
The state-of-the-art Tri-Polar system delivers deep radio frequency energy penetration to the skin without damaging healthy tissues. The radio frequency energy stimulates fibroblasts, contracts collagen fibers, and augments collagen regeneration. It also treats superficial and deeper fat layers and shrinks fat cells. The dual benefits of Tri-Polar radio frequency treatments are both immediate and long-lasting for skin tightening and circumference reduction.


What does Tri-Polar RF do and what are its advantages?
-    Facial and body skin tightening
-    Collagen reformation and rejuvenation
-    Non-surgical and non-invasive
-    Fast, visible, and long-lasting results
-    No discomfort
-    Treats all skin types

The RF Face Lift + Anti-Aging Treatment  at 90 € per session (1h15)  consists of:

 One complete facial:
-    Skin cleansing and peeling  (Goji Mask Skin Yoga bio)
-    A regenerating firming mask (Pure Minerals)

One treatment with Tripolar Radio Frequency:
-    Application of hyaluronic  serum + day cream “Golden Caviar Cream”
-    Application of tripolar radio frequencies on the face.

Cost of 5 sessions (recommended for best results): 450 € (5th session free)

The cosmetic products used for the facial are the organic cosmetics label “Ecovert” (Skin Yoga Biolab) and the high-tech cosmetics "Caviar Performance".

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Now at Body Mind Wellness
Body Sculpting  & Cellulite ReductionTreatments with Ultrasound Cavitation + Hexapolar Radio Frequency




Cavitation is an innovative system for the treatment of localized fat or deep cellulite. Eliminated fat is removed from the system permanently. The treatment uses ultrasound waves which are conducted through the skin, causing micro-bubbles which turn fat into a liquid substance which is then removed from the body using the lymphatic and urinary system. Hexapolar Radio Frequency penetrates superficial and deeper fat layers and shrinks fat cells.

    Its numerous benefits are:
-    Non-invasive treatments
-    No need for hospitalization
-    No need for any anesthesia
-    Absence of any scars or long-term marking of the skin
-    Very little discomfort
-    Fat is eliminated through a natural process
-    Eliminated fat is gone forever

Treatments use the product line “Body Firming / Slimming” by « Caviar Performance »

1)    Concentrated Body Serum: highly concentrated in REGU-SLIM (caffeine, guarana, carnitine). This serum is a radical fat burner which reduces the « orange skin » effect.
2)    Anti-Cellulite Cream: This cream should be used on a daily basis in addition to the slimming cure Cav+RF to reduce the size of fat cells. It drains the cells, stimulates collagen regeneration and improves the firmness of the skin.

1 Ultrasound Cavitation  +  Hexapolar Radio Frequency Treatment : 90 € / session

Duration: 40 mn - Cost of 5 sessions : 450 € (5th session free)

Reservations at, or 0496 765410